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​Torri and Terri Johnson are the owners of Getting to Happy Wellness. Torri is a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) in North Carolina. Torri is the proud mother of a son named Morry.  Terri is an actress represented by Carolina Talent Agency and serves as the Business Manager and Creative Director. Terri is the proud mother of a daughter named Lyric and a son named John (AJ). ​

Getting to Happy Wellness offers virtual therapy and "walk-and-talk" therapy. Walk-and-talk therapy is when we will meet in a mutual location where you feel comfortable and walk and talk during your session.

Our purpose at Getting to Happy Wellness is to help you along your journey to happiness and to eradicate the mental health stigma, particularly in Black and communities of color, everywhere. ​

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Sometimes, life hurts. It's scary. It's frustrating. It's complicated. It's broken. It's lonely. It's not fair. It's changing... always changing. We'll journey with you, step by step, on your road to healing, recovery, and getting to happy. We want to honor the courage it takes to seek counseling and make sure that finances never get in the way of healing and growth. We are proud to offer affordable, quality individual, family and group therapy.

You may be seeking counseling for a wide variety of reasons, from coping with major life challenges, family and relationship conflicts, to dealing with stress, depression or anxiety, to simply desiring personal growth and greater self-knowledge.

We look forward to providing a safe, supportive and therapeutic space where we can collaborate and work at your own pace to help you reach your counseling and life goals. In our work together it is our hope, wish and prayer that you will feel more empowered, better understand yourself, your family, others and the world around you. Because you're worth it.  

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Getting to Happy Wellness is proud to offer the following youth services:

  • Anger Management and Interpersonal Communications

  • Substance Abuse Prevention, Early Recovery Skills, and Relapse Prevention for Adolescents


For information about our Youth Services, please contact us.

Torri Johnson


Conference Room
Speaking, Education and Consulting


Book me today to empower and motivate participants at your next event!


Along with my clinical experience as a mental health therapist, I also utilize real life experiences to connect with my audience. Any of my speaking topics can be tailored to the unique purpose of your event or group.


Just a few of my speaking topics:


  • The Implications of Transgenerational Trauma and the Black Family

  • Depressed, Stressed and Black

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Women Who Love Incarcerated Men

  • Emotional Intimate Partner Violence

  • Finding Your Voice and Shattering The Shame

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • And, more!


Retail Therapy

Online store coming soon.

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